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Spot welding head

According to the spot welding object different specifications and shapes need to choose different types of welding head.Using imported materials, independent production, materials and sizes can be customized according to customer product requirements!The

Evaporation boat

The choice of evaporation boat (molybdenum boat) determines the quality of the coating.We use professional customized materials, independent production, development and design, materials and sizes can be customized according to customer product requiremen

Clip and other parts

Specializing in the production of winding machine accessories precision fixtures/clips/fixed pieces and other products, wear-resistant hard alloy materials.High precision production technology, cutting edge processing excellent, long life!High wear resist

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Dongguan Shouchuang Hardware Electronics Co.,Ltd  was established in 2008, a leader manufacturer of Precision hot pressure spot welding head, hotbar thermode, molybdenum boat, coil winding machine clip, such as molybdenum, tungsten alloy rare metal products.  Shouchuang has spent many years to development of circumjacent products in the precision welding industry. Our products are mainly used in RFID inlay bonding machine,inductor coil winding machine etc ,applied to SMD inductors, electronic module, Headset microphone, High frequency communication components, SMD transform pin, the intelligent IC card coil, vibrating motor, micromotor, solar cell, watch chip coil, Mini Speaker, USB connectors, date wire, FPC the flexible circuit board and all kinds of connectors module components between PCB welding etc.
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